The cost of gas is expensive? This are some tips to help improve your gas milage

West Highlands Auto Repair suggest you check vehicle maintenance to help improve gas milage. Most of this maintenance will be inspected when you bring your vehicle for an oil change.

1.Does the oil change affect the fuel economy the answer is yes. We suggest to always be on top your maintenance and make sure that your oil changes on your vehicle is serviced on the regular bases. And if your due and need to get an oil change call us at (303)433-9233 or schedule online. Our oil changes will come with complimentary inspection.

2.Consider doing spark plugs/tune up on your vehicle. On most vehicle will come with a manual booklet which tells you on what milage to replace spark plugs. Otherwise consider replacing spark plug.

3.Replace air filter if clogged/dirty this will can help improve gas milage.

4.Check tire pressure and make sure alignment is good – under inflated tires will cost you money and affect your fuel economy. Also checking and setting the alignment will also help with tires lasting long but a misaligned tires drag instead of roll freely. Improper alignment can reduce fuel efficiency.

Most of this maintenance gets inspect and service with our oil change service so call today at (303)433-9233 or visit us online at


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