Is your vehicle ready for Winter?

West Highlands Auto Repair recommend to winterize your vehicle on your next service. What does it mean to winterize your vehicle?

Lets start with the antifreeze/coolant this will help the engine from overheating and also provides heats inside the vehicle. The coolant should be able to go -35°F especially here in Colorado it does get cold and you don’t want any problems with your coolant/antifreeze.

Check your wipers you must have good wiper for visibility in case it rains or snows something basic always gets overlooked in till its too late also make sure your have windshield washer fluid but make sure it winter ready and won’t freeze (we top off the fluids on every oil change)

Check tires and tire pressure for ice or snowy condition here in Colorado you want your vehicle to be safe and legal if you get into an accident and your tires are bad (at 3/32nd or less) you can get fined for that. On top of that you also want to be safe and not get stuck tires is the most important thing to winterize your vehicle

Check belts and hoses – now this is recommend to inspect and test the hoses is for the antifreeze/coolant make sure its it won’t burst out and leave stranded especially when your using your heater, and your belts which will run alternator, and some vehicle power steering, water pump if you hear a loud high pitch noise in the morning and goes away as it warms up it may be that you need a new belt(s)

You can schedule online with us or call at 3034339233 we are open from 8AM to 5PM Monday thru Friday at West Highlands Auto Repair 5440 W 29th Ave, Wheat ridge CO 80214.


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