Timing belt been replaced?

A timing belt is what gives value to your vehicle and is an important preventive maintenance to the vehicle some vehicle suggest to replace every 60,000 miles or 5 years which is ever comes first other vehicle dates can be push back to 90,000 miles ask your service adviser for details needed.  Most timing belts cannot been seen has to go by mileage the other parts we all suggest to replace is the water pump since some vehicle runs with the timing belt its a good idea to replace at the same time.   As experienced shop we always suggest to replace as timing belt kit which also comes with the timing belt tensioner to keep belt tight and preventing to jump gear tooth on the timing belt plus in most case the tensioner may weak and worn so its consider a preventive maintenance to the timing belt.  While the system is open it also strongly suggest to replace the crankshaft seal and camshaft seal.  In most cases this seals can wear out and leak engine oil on the timing belt which means the the timing belt being rubber it absorbs oil and will stretch which may cause the timing belt to jump and possible cause performance issue to break downs.  Call today (303)433-9233 or schedule online you can also get a ball park estimates online at repairpal.com

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