Ready for the winter?

Its snowing out there, is your tires ready for the winter?  Is the coolant/Antifreeze good? This is what provides heat inside and prevent the motor to freeze and should be service with new coolant if its been a while or has lots of miles.   Tires tread should also be inspected as well as all rubber parts like belts and coolant hose; belts that runs the accessories such the power steering, alternator, and sometimes the water pump may screech in cold morning.  You should also have the wiper check a vehicle is no good if you can’t see the road.  And a vehicle should be checked on the battery to be able to start with no problem and not wear out the starter and alternator.   When you schedule your vehicle in for an oil change request to check your vehicle and make sure its winter ready.    We are open from 8AM to 5PM Monday thru Friday.  Our number is (303)433-9233 or visit us online at


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