Trouble starting vehicle?

Signs that your battery is bad:

When starting vehicle notice it takes a long time before it starts most of the time in the cold morning.

Having to jump start vehicle.

(Newer vehicle)Check engine light comes on when battery is weak.

Most battery lifespan is about 5 years -7 years (60 months to 84 months) depending on the battery and if it not sitting too much (talking to the classic cars out there.).   With the all season weather Colorado gets and sometimes the cold weather can really test those battery we suggest to have it checked on every oil change.  If battery is bad it can cause starter and alternator to wear out faster, and some new vehicle it can trigger check engine lights if the battery is low.  If you having this issue and want to know if your battery is good please visit West Highlands Auto Repair.  We can test both your battery and alternator to make sure they’re reading good and ready for this cold winter.  If you want more information contact us at (303)433-9233.

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