Belts making noise? It may be time to replace as preventive maintenanace

West Highlands Auto Repair suggest to have you belts checks it is consider a wear tear type of item which typically runs your alternator, power steering, air condition, and sometimes the water pump.   If you notice in the morning or cold time when your vehicle squeaking or squealing it may be your belts, sometimes that can be a little embarrassing and sometimes annoying but it might be an indication that belt will soon go out.  Some vehicle may have two to three belts or some have one belt (serpentine belt) when we do your oil and filter change we always inspect the belt to make sure you have no bad surprises such a break down.   Bring it in to West Highlands Auto repair at 5440 W 29th Ave, Wheat Ridge CO 80214, we are open from 8AM to 5PM Monday thru Friday.  Call us as (303)433-9233 or visit us online at


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