Need a tune up? It may help with gas mileage and help keep the maintenance up

West Highlands Auto Repair at 5440 W 29th Ave – Suggest that you keep up on the maintenance on your vehicle by making the sure the tune up is good depending the year of the vehicle most manufacture recommends to replace plugs every 60,000 or 90,000 miles.  We suggest to replace the spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotors if its equip on your vehicle, on other vehicles that have direct ignition coil  we suggest to replace the boots as a maintenance.  Most of this will help with performance of the engine and possible help with the gas mileage.   Don’t forget the air filter this is consider a preventive maintenance and on some vehicle help prevent damage to mass air flow sensor.  On other vehicle that have an inline fuel filter will help prolong the life of a fuel pump this is a common maintenance that gets passed or won’t get replaced.  If your not sure what kind of tune up you need on your vehicle please give us a call at (303)433-9233.   We are open from 8AM to 5PM, Monday thru Fridays remember our motto “maintenance is cheaper than repairs.”  Call today at (303)433-9233 or schedule online.

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