Coolant leaking? Let us diagnose it

If you suspect issue with your vehicle coolant/antifreeze or your car is over heating we recommend to have your vehicle diagnose as soon as possible by West Highlands Auto Repair.   Coolant/Antifreeze helps prevents the engine from over heating and on some vehicles also helps the transmission from overheating.  Coolant repairs that it may need will be water pump, thermostat, heater core, hose, cooling fans, radiator, coolant recovery tanks or reservoirs.  A good tip never open or remove the coolant cap or radiator cap to check your level when the vehicle is hot or warm or you may burn yourself.  West Highlands Auto Repair at 5440 W 29th Ave can can diagnose your coolant system, if a vehicle overheats too much it is possible to damage the head gasket, to engine heads or worse case engine.   Call us today at (303)433-9233 or schedule online at

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