Brakes making noise? Lets us inspect your brakes

West Highlands Auto Repair would like to remind everyone that we are running a special on brakes 10% off when you mention this ad and will expire on January 30, 2015.   If your brakes are making noise, squealing, or just getting an oil change have the brakes checked.  We can replace brake pads, rotors, brake master, or do a brake fluid flush.   We do give a warranty on both our parts and labor for a year or 12,000 miles and always use high quality brake pads.  Remember maintenance is cheaper than repair, so don’t ignore that squealing noise maybe it can be brake dust or it can be the squealer warning you that brakes are at replacement its never good assume so bring it today or call at (303) 433-9233 and schedule an appointment our hours is 8AM to 5PM Monday thru Friday our location is at 5440 W 29th Ave, Wheat Ridge CO 80214.

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