Vehicle overheating? Coolant is leaking?

    Coolant/antifreeze fluid helps the engine from overheating, if your having to add coolant or topping it off we recommend you to bring it in to West Highlands Auto Repair at 5440 W. 29th Ave Avenue, Wheat Ridge CO 80214.   We normally do a “Pressure Test” to detect where thee coolant leak is at.   If vehicle doesn’t have any coolant/Antifreeze this will cause to have heat inside the vehicle to overheating the engine.    If you overheat and engine this will potentially cause cylinder head issueto damaging your engine,  at this point you cost can be expensive .   So bring in your vehicle here at 5440 W 29th Ave, Wheat Ridge CO 80214.   We also recommend to maintain your vehicle such as doing a coolant flush, or replacing the thermostat depending on the make and models so call today at 303-433-9233 to make an appointment or visit us at

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