West Highlands Auto Repair “Your Personal Mechanic”

West Highlands Auto Repair has been open for over 10 years, we are a family owned business.    We work on most makes and models such as Chevrolet (Chevy), Ford, Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Buick, GM, GMC, Kia, Suzuki, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Etc.   Our Thanksgiving Coupon will expire this week so take advantage of the special.  We are open from Monday thru Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.   We warranty our new parts and labor for 1 year or 12,000 miles which ever comes first.   We work on Timing Belts, Tune Up, Water Pump, Suspension, Brakes, Transmission, Engine Mechanical, Electrical Diagnostic & Repairs, A\C.  Heaters, Coolant\Antifreeze System,  Belts, 4X4 system, tires, Starter, Alternator, Battery, Fuel system, Emission diagnostic, Alignments, Etc.   Our location is at 5440 W 29th Ave, Wheat Ridge CO 80214. Three blocks west from Sheridan Blvd and 29th Ave, at the corner of 29th Avenue and Chase Street.  You can make appoint online at www.westhighlandsauto.com Or you can call us at (303)433-9233.

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