Take care of those oil leaks before its too late

The most basic and important thing you can do for a vehicle is replace your engine oil and filter.  This will help the vehicle’s engine to last longer, maintain for the core of the engine.  However, there are times when vehicle will leak oil ether from a seal, gasket, etc.  Keeping oil in the engine is another important thing.   West Highlands Auto Repair recommends you to take care of your oil leaks before it gets worse, because one worse case scenario potentially leaking all the oil would damage the engine in which that case you would need a new engine.   An oil leak would not fix itself and will only get worse unless its repair.  Fixing oil leaks are known to be preventive maintenance to the engine, remember my saying “Maintenance are cheaper than repairs” So call West Highlands Auto Repair today at 303-433-9233 or visit us online to make an appointments at www.westhighlandsauto.com.   Our location is 5440 W 29th Ave, Wheat Ridge CO 80214 from the main roads 29th Ave. and Sheridan Blvd.  We are 3 blocks west.

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