Tune Ups: Maintenace is cheaper than repairs

West Highlands Auto Repair would like to remind everybody that maintenance is cheaper than repairs.   What this means is that maintaining your vehicle may help with repairs that will cost you down the road such as tune ups.   Tune up is mainly consider spark plugs, spark plug wires (if equip), distributor cap (if equip), distributor rotor (if equip), fuel filter and air filter.  Most manufacture recommend them every 30,000, 60,000, 90,000, or 105,000 miles depending on the vehicle’s replacement interval.   Tune up may help with performance, and fuel economy.  It also helps produce low emissions.   So call today at (303) 433-9233 you can visit us online at www.westhighlandsauto.com.   Our shop is located at West Highlands Auto Repair – 5440 W 29th Ave.   Wheat Ridge CO 80214.


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