Doing an alignment? Make sure the suspension is good

When doing an alignment at a shop is always a good idea to have the tech to inspect the suspension to make sure nothing is loose such as center link, idler arm, etc.   The inner or\& outer tie rod is the most common part we run into when doing an alignment.   Most commonly the tie rod will normally wear and loosen up in which we would recommend to replace them that’s why we recommend you to inspect you alignment and suspension annually, here in Colorado the road are not perfect a simple pot hole or a curb may throw of your alignment causing your tires to wear uneven or potentially wear the tires faster.   Tires can be expensive so your consider doing an alignment we can get done here at West Highlands Auto Repair 5440 W 29th Ave. Wheat Ridge, CO 80214 or you call to make an appointment at 303-433-9233 or visit us online at

note inner and outer tie rod one per si

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