TIP:most of the time rotors can be resurface, other times they have to be replace

West Highlands Auto Repair would like to keep people some general information, when we replace brake pads we also resurface rotors for three main reason first it allows the pads to last longer, prevents any pulsation when braking especially on higher speeds, and to keep the pads under warranty. But there are times when rotors cannot be resurface, instead they have to be replace one case scenario if a vehicle been sitting many months an not driven the in most cases may get rusted this will prevent the rotors to be resurface correctly.

Rusty Rotor
Rusty Rotor

Another common reason a rotor have to be replace is when brakes are metal to metal the pad will start to eat up  the rotors and sometime make a “LIP” on the rotor itself making too thin to resurface we normally recommend to replace them for safety issue.

When we inspect your brakes we will let you know if your rotors can be resurface if it needs brakes so come in today at West Highlands Auto Repair – 5440 W 29th Ave Wheat Ridge CO, 80214 you call make an appointment at (303)433-9233 or visit us online at www.westhighlandsauto.com

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