TUNE UP:Maintenance is cheaper than repairs

West Highlands Auto Repair would like to give everybody a tip, “Maintenance is cheaper than repairs”. Tune up for example such as spark plug, spark plug wires(if applicable), distributor cap (if applicable), distributor rotor(if applicable) is always working needs to be replace on certain mileage (60,000 or 90,000 miles depending the year, make, and model.) or when the spark plug is worn or bad. This will prevents misfire, helps burn fuel correctly helping with the gas mileage, and prolong the life of the catalytic convert for emission test. In the long run doing a simple tune up can have save you money and time and above all it gives value to your car. So bring you vehicle today at West Highlands Auto Repair – 5440 W 29th Ave – Wheat Ridge, CO 80214 you contact us at 303-433-9233 or you can visit us online at www.westhighlandsauto.com


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