Is your timing belt due for replacement?


Highlands Auto Repair would like to remind everyone about the timing belt,  Most vehicle manufactures recommend to replace timing belt every 60,000 or 5 years which ever note: its always a good idea to see your scheduled maintenance service interval.  If a timing belt breaks it could cause breakdowns and on most vehicle damage to the engine.   When Replacing a timing belt it always a good idea to replace the water pump to s save cost of labor if pump should fail in the near  future.   If you not sure if your vehicle has timing belt or timing chain you can call us at 303-433-9233 we will be happy to help you.  We work on Toyota, Honda, Saab, Subaru, Chevrolet, Ford, Volvo, GMC, Volkswagen, both Domestic and Import here at West Highlands Auto Repair – 5440 W 29th Ave Wheat Ridge CO 80214 you can also schedule online at<BR>Image

An example of one vehicle timing belt

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