More Winterization Tips

Here at West Highlands Auto Repair would like to give everybody a tip have you replaced your thermostat as a preventive maintenance? In most cases we replace the thermostat when it fails or when the water pump is leaking and the main reason we do is to keep the customer’s warranty and here is why. When the vehicle is first started the coolant\antifreeze is cold the thermostat is closed, when the vehicle finally warms up or gets to 195°F(most vehicles) the thermostat slowly opens with the heat of the coolant and lets it circulate to keep the engine from overheating. On paper the thermostat is suppose to last a lifetime for us every part will wear out thru mileage or age, in most cases a water pump go out because the thermostat isn’t opening fast enough or is stuck it can potentially take out the water pump. We recommend to replace the thermostat as a preventive maintenance every 90,000 miles or 7 years on most vehicle remember our saying “Maintenance is cheaper than repairs” with the thermostat being replaced as a preventive maintenance this will help prolong the life of the water pump including your coolant system to circulate better. So call today at 303-433-9233 visit our shop at West Highlands Auto Repair – 4460 W 29th Ave Denver, CO 80212 – or visit us online at

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