Make sure your CV Axle Shaft Boots are good

West Highlands Auto Repair would like to give you tip every time you go in for oil change remind your tech to inspect the CV axle boots and make sure its okay. On most vehicle a CV Axle Shaft (constant velocity joints) has two boots, an inner and an outer boot and on most two wheel drive there are two CV Axle Shaft per vehicle. The CV Axle Shaft are constantly turning when the vehicle is in motion while the boot covers the axle shaft inner and outer shaft it holds grease inside preventing leaking it or throwing out while in motion at the same time it also protects any dirt or foreign object from damaging the axle. But because the CV axle shaft boot are rubber it will wear and tear or deteriorate through time and this will cause axle shaft to go bad in most vehicle the axle shaft can cost more then just replacing the boot itself on top remember our saying “Maintenance is cheaper the repair” so call to make appointment today at 303-433-9233 our location is 4460 W 29th Ave Denver CO, 80212 or visit us online at

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