Shocks & Struts Are important too

Here at West Highlands Auto Repair 4460 W 29th Ave, Denver CO 80212 would like to talk to you on why shocks and struts are so important. The only outcome most people remember them is because when they go over bumps ether its a bumpy ride or they hear noise and people think their tires are wearing out which is true but there is more to that. What truly effects your vehicle is not only your tires wearing out but the vehicle stability, loss of traction and handling, some effect the way it brakes on longer stopping distance your shocks or struts should be inspected every 50,000 miles especially on 4×4 or all wheel drive vehicle for example if you wear out your front tires only you will have to replace all fours and that can be expensive remember our saying “Maintenance are cheaper then repairs” at the same time gives less of a headaches so call us today at 303-433-9233 or visit us at to schedule an appointment.

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