Did you replace your Timing Belt?

Here at West Highlands Auto Repair we would like to remind everybody about their timing belt,  on most vehicle you cant really see it but its crucial maintenance that needs to be address and here is how it works most vehicle recommend to replace the timing belt every 60,000 miles or 5 years and the way you go about it is if you have no history replacing the timing belt assume it has not been replaced.  The timing belt is a rubber belt that runs the engine and keeps it in timing and it usually wears out in time or in use if this breaks this can potentially to do damage to your engine in that can cost a lot remember our saying “Maintenance is better & cheaper than repairs” also keep in mind when replacing a timing always have the timing belt tensioner replaced since prolong the life of the timing belt and water pump since your normally in that area and as preventive maintenance so call to make an appoint at 303-433-9233 to see if your timing belt needs be replace here at West Highlands Auto Repair – 4460 W 29th Ave Denver Colorado 80212.

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